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The EMDAA is the official club of the Estrela Mountain Dog Breed in America since 2004. 

The Estrela Mountain Dog Association of America is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the Estrela Mountain Dog Breed. The EMDAA actively supports the canine community by hosting events, promoting responsible breeding practices, sponsoring educational programs, offering comprehensive breed information, and mentoring. Through our breeder directory, we connect individuals with reputable member breeders. Additionally, our network of national rescue volunteers works efficiently to find loving homes for Estrela Mountain Dogs in need.

Dedicated to the Ethical Preservation and Continuation of the Working Estrela Mountain Dog Breed.

—  Emdaa Est. 2004

EmDAA club Information

Recommended Code of Ethics to guide member conduct. 

The EMDAA is a non-profit 501(c)(3)corporation. It is governed by a constitution & bylaws.

Official parent Club of the EMD

Dedicated to the promotion and protection of the breed since 2004.

ethical breed welfare guide

Official Information

EmD Breed Information

Health & Function

The Health section is designed to provide up-to-date information for EMDAA members and Estrela Mountain Dog enthusiasts,

The Estrela Mountain Dog has a rich history of companionship and function that made it the dog it is today.

Original Breed Standard

Estrela Mountain Dog Official FCI Breed Standard.

Care and Considerations

Stories that shaped the emd

Breeder Directory

Find approved and reputable Estrela Mountain Dog Breeders in the United States, contact them to learn about the breed and find information about Estrela Mountain Dog Puppies in America.

Ethical Estrela Mountain Dog Breeders are a vital part of the Estrela Mountain Dog Breed's continuation. 

Celebrating 20 Years as the EMDAA

The American Estrela Mountain Dog Club idea was born.


The Estrela Mountain Dog Association of America was established. 


The EMDAA attended AKC foundational stock service events and meet the breeds educating the public on the Estrela Mountain Dog.


The EMDAA hosted the first Parade of Portugal. A dog conformation show and educational weekend  featuring Portuguese canine dog breeds with native Portuguese judges.


EMDAA member owned Estrela Mountain Dogs were the first Estrela's to become Champion, Grand Champion Estrela Mountain Dog in the United States. 


humble beginnings!

FSS Meet the breeds 

EMDAA participated at Westminster Meet the Breeds and Conformation Events. 


The Estrela Mountain Dog Association of America endorsed health testing and played a crucial role in obtaining recognition for the Estrela breed by CHIC. Additionally, the association advocated for various health screenings such as OFA, PennHIP, and others.


 EMDAA member Estrela Mountain Dogs obtained the first AKC Canine Good Citizen Awards and Certified Therapy Dog Certifications in the USA. 


As the Estrela Mountain Dog breed gained popularity in the United States, both the breed numbers and the membership of the EMDAA doubled, reflecting the expanding community.


The EMDAA hosts the annual POP and celebrates the worldwide Estrela Mountain Dog Day. Breed education and events are planned. 


Emdaa Champions

what a year, eh?

Parade of Portugal

View Estrela Mountain Dog Association of America photographs and memories.

What has
the Emdaa

First Champion Estrela's

EMDAA members paved the way with the First Champion Estrela Mountain Dog, first Grand Champion, first top 10, CGC, first certified therapy dogs. 

AKC Meet the Breeds

The Estrela Mountain Dog Association of America participated in many AKC meet the breed events and educational meets.

POP (Parade of Portugal)

The EMDAA sponsored the Parade of Portugal show event that featured judges of Portugal to assure the breed honors the correct morphological type.

ChIC recognition

The EMDAA was active in getting the Estrela Mountain Dog CHIC breed recognition and in promoting foundational health testing. 

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Clube Português de Canicultura

“Brief Historical Summary of the Estrela Mountain Dog Breed.”

Since remote times, this dog has developed and settled in the Estrela Mountains area, its true origin being lost in time. Nevertheless, it can be considered one of the most ancient breeds in the Iberian Peninsula.
It can be found from the foot of the mountains to the summit (approximately 2000 m), mainly in the summer, after the snow has melted, when the green pastures are much sought after by the herds, because the excessive heat has dried the grass on the lowlands. The progressive recognition of its aptitudes has led to its diffusion throughout the world since the second half of the 20th century.

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